Who we are

Our mini-company contains fourteen 11th grade students from the "Gymnasium Rahlstedt". Our intention is to relieve the environment by upcycling coffee capsules. We manufacture them to fashionable jewellery and sell them in shopping centers, schools and in our online shop.

But our social engagement is not limited on the mini-company; we support projects for beggars and the environment with our wages.

Our main goals are the minimisation of accuring rubbish because of coffee capsules and the leaving behind of an positive oecological footprint.

Our staff

from left to the right: Celina Matzen, Nell Wintjen, Alexandra WIlms, Jessica Drozdzynski, Hannah Meister, Rika Grimmert, Jule Noack, Helen Thiesemann, Carolin Groth, Magnus Mayer, Jasmin Scheil, Faye Lavinia Perry, Shyann Wittenburg, Tariq Kohsar



SInce October we sell our products at the "Gymnasium Rahlstedt" regularly.  The feedback is consistently positive.

In December of 2015 we were on a visit at "Radio Hamburg" and participated at the charity campaigne "Radio Hamburg-Hörer helfen Kindern" (Radio-Hamburg listeners help children).

Our first shareholders meeting at the 26th of January 2016.

Some impressions of the German CoYC 2016.